Saturday, January 17, 2009

Success v/s Failure

How important is to be successful that we even forget the importance of participating,the importance of at least trying hard by giving ones hundred percent to be successful.Sure, being successful is the ultimate goal but trying harder next time is what one should do even if one gets failed this time and should also give value to it and learn from it.Don't consider it complete failure because you are still a step ahead of others who didn't even make an attempt,due to fear of defeat.There is a saying "Failure increases experience and experience decreases mistakes" . So it is important to try no matter what the result may be,because even if one fails he will surely learn what should not be done to gain success.

It is always better to make another attempt than to sit idle and cringe about mistakes one made in the past.Best way to use your past is to take it as a lesson to avoid repeating the same mistakes again. What does one do when he/she fails? Don't we start finding the reasons of our failure? But most of the time we start blaming others for our mistakes since it is really easy to let your own burden on ours and feel free,but our conscious always know the real culprit.Our present actions determine our future,nothing else but it is our work that will determine our position in the future.

Don't we cling to our past? Ones who do so will always stay there and will never be able to taste the sweet taste of success.It is not bad to be a failure but it is the biggest mistake one could make if they do not try again.One should never lose the spirit of working hard.Never lose hope!!! Even if today is not yours but tomorrow can be yours,put efforts today to make your tomorrow better by learning lessons from your yesterday.

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  1. hmmm.....chnage the title of the post to ""Failure increases experience and experience decreases mistakes" "...