Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Desired Change

Today’s world has become a serious mystery for me. I don’t understand what is wrong with the people, why they crave for money so much that they have lost the real motive of living. They don’t value the beauty of being a human. I guess only devils rule this world.

The need for money will never end. They don’t mind looting the common man. Now even these common men are also looting their subordinates. Like there is a saying,” Big fish eats small fish”. The only motive of living is just collecting the money as much as possible.

Crave for earning more and more money has ruined man’s mind. They just want money by any means.The whole motive of writing such an article was to make people aware of what they are doing at the cost of humanity. We humans are becoming so selfish these days that we only look our means in every work. If it is profitable, we do it, if not, we don’t.

I know world won’t change instantly but if we try to change ourselves, only then, gradually, we will see a changed world.


  1. money has the power we give it. really it's just a tool to get things done. people have put it in place of what's really important in life

  2. Money itself is nt dangerous, bt it is how we use it that cause harm. well written! Many people have actually lost the real art of living because of money n power...it's sad :((
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  3. I do agree with you that " Big fish eats small fish".... and 1 more thing everything is relative....so what we think fair maybe unfair to someone but seriously the views in this post is totally justified...
    I agree with you

  4. Just now I started following your blogs and I will be reading all, one-by-one, which are very interesting. It gives me a satisfaction that you are writing exactly what I wanted to say.

    And all I can say is, "I totally agree with you".