Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate Comparisons!!!!!!

"I hate comparisons !!! I hate comparisons!!!",you will hear this from me whenever I see people comparing any two possibly different things under the sun.Why is it so inevitable for us to avoid comparisons. It is good to compare things while buying something to make a beneficial deal but I don't know why people cannot leave this habit of comparison to that only,why do they have compare two different human beings.I hate people when they compare their siblings to others.Everybody is different from another and we have good and bad qualities.It is our different qualities that make us unique.We all are good in different respects,why can't we then avoid comparisons.Our creator has created us in unique way considering that this is best for us. So shouldn't we respect him and not rate or even try to change an individual.Change should not be enforced on anybody,instead it should be self imposed.

As they say "Variety is the spice of life".It is good to be different and unique than to be lost in the world of similar people.

Our whole world is distributed into 3 forms of comparisons-Positive, the comparative and superlative.Higher the degree of comparison gets, more complex life becomes.I am not saying comparison is bad because if we compare two things only then we can rate and judge their values.Like when we go for buying a new AC or any other electronic item it is inevitable to compare products of different brands,we compare their rates ,features ,benefits ,etc..etc.. and only then we buy the product that suits our needs and fits in our budget.We can make a profitable deal only by comparing pros and cons.But that does not implies that we should bring the habit of comparison while making or breaking relationships.Comparisons should be kept away from human beings related subjects to avoid unwanted results in our life.

Stop comparison for good!!! As comparison will only lead to dissatisfaction.


  1. I think you have answered your own question. Comparison for only the betterment of any individual or product. Yeah! I know we do sometimes extend it way beyond to de-moralize a person and that is bad.....but still we all are humans so the person who is comparing can't be blamed's his uniqueness
    what do you think??

  2. @ashish
    I think comparison should b strictly avoided as far as human beings are concerned....if we compare no-living things they cannot get hurt whereas humans do get hurt coz they have feelings...n abt uniqueness of a person who possess the quality of comparison then either change it or just keep it to oneself....