Friday, August 7, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna!!!!!

Sach ka Saamna- Don't just run away I don't intend to ask you any Questions about your past or future and embarrass you in front of million people,also that means I am not going to give you any Crores, but you all can give me something that's your valuable comments about what you all feel about the sach ka samana i.e., my article and not the show.

We all are friendly people very much aware of everything, we are very polite with our colleagues & fellow people till we are not asked about something called "TRUTH" and to avoid the consequence of the truth that can be caused if committed in public we use manipulative truth which is not 100% truth and not 100% lie,in other words it is the step brother of Truth.See as there is the famous saying that "Need is the mother of all invention."so to safeguard of ourselves we cook up something that is digestible.But my point is do we really need to do this,why can't we have the courage to accept it? If we can have the courage of committing it despite knowing its consequences then why can't we have the courage to accept it?
We are so used this process that we almost create an illusionist image of ourselves in public and in order protect and maintain that image we start the series of lies.

It is high time we need to do a reality check and accept the truth and relieve ourselves from the burden of all the lies.I am not encouraging you to participate in the show lest you think that I am a promoter of the show,glad to inform you that I am not its promoter although I like that show.If you minus the price money which is the main reason why people are ready to face and accept their ugly truth,the whole concept of facing and accepting the truth is very much commendable and should be encouraged.I am not saying that one should accept his/her truths in public but one should realize the importance of truth in ones life.If you can not accept something in public which could spoil your image,then don't just commit that,being truthful to oneself is what that will give us the real pleasure of living.Sometimes things are not in our control, things happen which we don't intentionally want,and for that we can hardly do any thing to avoid but if there is an opportunity to avoid something that is not good then just be courageous to stop it.

Today's world is filled with millions of hypocrites-who believe and promote something and do exactly the opposite in their lives.So stop being hypocrites and start accepting truth!!


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