Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life-a word that can sum up everything!!

Life is how we see it,isn't it? Haven't you heard this line several times? At least I have heard this several times.This line is truly motivational but do you think it is practical,can we really deny the existence of pain, grief and sufferings.I know it is hard to forget these pain, grief and sufferings but it is even hard to carry your life with them.Nobody can ever change anybody's behavior,thoughts or their perception of life.And I have no intention to change it but I want to show that with the effort one can change their thoughts and life for better.

I fell really blessed that I have grandparents,I feel lucky to have them and their guidance. Their wisdom is very precious gift god grants us.They know life more than we know,their life experiences can really be helpful.I feel disgusted when I see people not respecting their parents and even their grandparents.Once I overheard my grandfather talking to his friend,he said "We older people live in past and these young generation lives in future." This sentence made me think how true he was,don't we really do that.We don't enjoy are present cause we worrying about our future which is unpredictable.

We realize the value of something when we loose it,isn't it? Being a child is a beautiful gift god grants,but we fail to understand its beauty and dream to be young as soon as possible and once when we do get young we realize how beautiful childhood was.Life becomes complex as we grow up and we get busy solving these complexities that we don't realize that time is not waiting for us and we are getting older day by day without enjoying our life.

Life has predefined goals for us and once we achieve one we start preparing to achieve another goal of life.Somehow we all have similar goals of life, at young age we take education to be successful in life,when grow a bit older i.e, when we cross the age limiter of 20 our goal is job(career) and our parents' goal of life becomes our marriage and then you know what.Life takes a full circle.So please don't live life like monotonous job,experiment with different shades of life and create a beautiful picture filled with true emotions and lovely moments.


  1. @ goooood girl
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  2. hmmmm...quite a lot said
    I too believe in the fact that we should enjoy our present and respect elders :)

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