Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Lesson.....worth a try.

She knew that her husband cares for her and love her more than anything in the world,despite that she made up her mind to leave him and move ahead in her life.He tried to convince her that things will change but she was adamant about her decision.

She also care and love her husband,Harsh a lot , that was the reason they got married 6 months back against Harsh's parents' wishes.This was the main reason why her mother-in-law had become troublesome.Harsh's mother didn't like Ragini from the day one especially because she belongs to another caste and she was against their marriage but Harsh and Ragini were adamant about their decision.Harsh's mother had to surrender herself and accepted their marriage halfheartedly.Ragini's mother-in-law would always disagree with her and would find some or the other way to abuse or taunt her but Ragini never uttered a word against her.She tried her level best to win her heart but all went in vain.

After making several unsuccessful attempts to change things Ragini asked Harsh to get separated from his family and lead a happy life together but being an only son,Harsh didn't want his parents to lead their life alone,so he always used escape from this situation by convincing her that time will change everything.

Ragini waited for things to turn for better for 6 months but nothing changed,things turned even sour between her and her mother-in -law.This affected her married life.

On one not-so fine morning Ragini made-up her mind to leave her husband and lead her life alone.Harsh tried to convince her that he will try to change the environment of the house and will convince his mother to change her behavior, but all went in vain.Ragini had already suffered a lot and hence she no longer wanted her life to be like that.She repeatedly said to her mind that change is brought and not happens suddenly and now is the time to bring that change,even if it is too difficult.

She hurriedly packed her bags and left home.Harsh tried hard to stop her,he ran after her to stop her but she felt it was her saturation point and she can no longer adjust with his parents.She dragged her bags into an auto rickshaw asked the driver to take her to the station.Harsh ran after her, tried hard to convince her but she ordered the driver to move.Harsh didn't lose hope,he followed her to the station and even till she board the train but Ragini ignored him,she didn't want to hear anything because she knew if she will look at him even once then she won't be able to leave him.

As she board the train she saw a vacant window seat,she moved towards there to occupy it,ignoring her surrounding.Train left the station and so did the hope of Harsh to bring back Ragini in his life again.As the train left,Ragini felt lousy and low,she closed her eyes and soon she went into flashback. She recalled every moment she spent with her friend Harsh and then Harsh as her soulmate.Slowly tears dropped from her eyes.

Ragini came back to reality when the train halts with a sudden jerk at the next station.Soon the environment changed with hustle-bustle of the passengers moving in and out of the train.Ragini opened her eyes, wiped her tears and tried to control her emotions and tried to act normal.Train left the station,now the environment was calm again.She looked around trying to divert and distract herself from thinking about her past.She noticed an aged woman sitting next to her,she had a very serene face but had bruises on it.Ragini could not resist herself from asking her how she got hurt.That lady smiled as Ragini questioned her and replied,"Thanks for your concern beta,I am very touched by your gesture.It was just an accident." Ragini felt an instant connection with that lady as she had very motherly touch.Ragini was not convinced with that answer and she wanted her to elaborate it."

Earlier that lady was too reluctant to speak about her life with Ragini and tried to change the topic but Ragini was too curious to know the real reason.After much provocation,she pour her heart out to Ragini.

She said,"Beta,I feel really bad to speak about it but if you insist then....these bruises are caused by my mother-in-law.

"What?? Your mother-in-law??",Ragini exclaimed,"But why? and why are you taking all this from her and what about your husband?"

After a poignant pause she replied,"Its a long story beta,I am stuck in the logjam.My husband never raised his voice against his mother to support me.He blindly follows her wishes but yes he loves me and I know how difficult it is for him to see me like this but he is helpless.When my mother-in-law slapped me for the first time I was very upset so I packed my bags and went to my maternal home with my two year old son expecting support from my family,but instead of supporting me my father took me back to my husband's house and advised me to sort all my family matters with them.From that day onwards,I have suffered all tortures from my mother-in-law and never looked back to my parents.Now my mother-in-law is around 80 year old but she still behaves in a similar manner with me.But now I have learnt to soak all the pain inside me and stay unaffected."

Ragini looked at her with disbelief and asked,"Why anybody would suffer so much torture and would sacrifices so much?"

Then the lady smiled and replied,"I did all this and I will suffer all this to be with my loving husband and with my two lovely children.I paid a price to be with them.I don't regret about my decision because the amount of happiness and love I get from them is far more than the amount of pain I had to suffer."

Ragini was too astonished to hear these words from that lady.Ragini gave her a warm hug and said,"Thank you very much for sharing your feelings with me.With your experience of life I have learnt a lesson.....which may change my life.I was about to spoil my own marriage for some trivial issues.Now I will give it another try.Now I have realized that even if I get separated from Harsh I won't be able to live my life happily."

P.S: This is adapted from real incident.
P.S: This is my first attempt of story telling.Hope you like it.


  1. yeah...I liked your first attempt...good way to start with an emotional story people rather start with humor...
    brave girl :)